Whoever you are, wherever you come from, whatever you do and whatever you believe, you will find a genuinely friendly welcome at Saughall Methodist church.  


Sunday morning worship at 10.45am offers both traditional and informal worship.


We extend a warm welcome to all; 

There are no strangers only friends we haven’t met.

The picture is one of the windows in our new church.  At the centre is the heraldic device of the Orb and Cross.  It is found in and on many Methodist publications, it is not just a logo to ‘brand’ the Methodist Church but has been carefully chosen to express our deepest beliefs.

The Orb represents the world, and the colour red (the traditional colour for Pentecost) may be taken to symbolise the Methodist conviction that through the power of the Holy Spirit all humanity may be saved.

The Orb is charged with a radiant Cross, which, like the field it is set on, is white, celebrating the glory of the risen Saviour.  There is no boundary to the arms of the cross, just as there are no limits to the grace of God.

Ours is a faith that addresses the deepest longings of the heart, but it is always turned outwards to the world and its needs.